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Exploring the Hidden Gems of Lieto: A Tourist Guide to Finland’s Finest

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Lieto: A Tourist Guide to Finland’s Finest


Finland, known for its pristine natural beauty and vibrant culture, is a country that offers unique travel experiences to its visitors. While popular destinations like Helsinki and Lapland often steal the spotlight, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. One such gem is Lieto, a small town situated in the southwestern part of the country. In this tourist guide, we will explore the hidden treasures of Lieto, offering you an opportunity to experience Finland’s finest beyond the usual tourist hotspots.

History and Culture

Lieto is rich in history and culture, dating back to medieval times. The town is home to several historically significant sites, such as the Lieto Church, which dates back to the 14th century. The church is known for its beautiful frescoes and impressive architecture. Another notable cultural landmark is the Tyrvää Parsonage, a museum showcasing the life and traditions of the region.

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Nature and Outdoor Activities

Lieto is surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes that offer various outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. A must-visit destination is the Kurjenrahka National Park, known for its diverse flora and fauna. The park is perfect for hiking, birdwatching, and even fishing in its crystal-clear lakes. The scenic trails and peaceful atmosphere make it a paradise for nature lovers.

Local Cuisine

Exploring the gastronomy of a place is an essential part of any travel experience, and Lieto doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Local cuisine showcases traditional Finnish flavors and ingredients with a modern twist. From savory reindeer dishes to mouthwatering berry pies, Lieto’s restaurants offer a memorable culinary journey. Don’t miss the chance to try some Karelian pies, a local delicacy filled with rice or mashed potatoes.

Annual Festivals

Lieto hosts several annual festivals that celebrate the town’s culture and traditions. The most famous is the Lieto Strawberry Festival, held in the summer. During this festival, you can enjoy live music, participate in strawberry picking, and try various strawberry-based treats. For art enthusiasts, the Lieto Art Week in late August is a great opportunity to admire local artwork and attend workshops led by talented artists.

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Accommodation and Transportation

Lieto offers a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs. From cozy bed and breakfasts to modern hotels, there are plenty of choices available. If you prefer a more immersive experience, consider staying in a traditional Finnish cottage or farmhouse. As for transportation, Lieto is well-connected with neighboring towns and cities through a reliable public transportation system. Renting a car is also an option for those who wish to explore the surrounding areas at their own pace.


Lieto, though lesser-known, is undoubtedly a hidden gem that deserves attention from travelers seeking an authentic Finnish experience. From its rich history and culture to its stunning natural landscapes and mouthwatering cuisine, Lieto offers a truly immersive and memorable travel experience. So, the next time you plan a trip to Finland, remember to explore the hidden gems of Lieto and unveil the finest aspects of this enchanting country.

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