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Exploring the Hidden Gems: Best Places to Visit in Kyrö, Finland

Exploring the Hidden Gems: Best Places to Visit in Kyrö, Finland


Kyrö, a small town nestled in the picturesque Finnish countryside, is often overlooked by tourists in favor of more popular cities like Helsinki or Turku. However, this charming town has its own unique allure, offering a glimpse into traditional Finnish culture, stunning natural landscapes, and a laid-back atmosphere. In this article, we will explore some of the hidden gems in Kyrö that are definitely worth a visit.

1. Kyrö Distillery Company

A must-visit spot in Kyrö is the Kyrö Distillery Company, known for producing high-quality Finnish rye gin and other spirits. Take a guided tour around the distillery to learn about the process of crafting their unique spirits and even have a taste of their award-winning products. The distillery also hosts events and workshops, providing an immersive experience for visitors.

2. Kyrö River

For nature lovers, a stroll along the Kyrö River is highly recommended. Enjoy the tranquility as you walk along the riverbank and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding forests and meadows. Make sure to bring your camera along, as the river offers plenty of picture-perfect moments.

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3. Kyrö Church

The Kyrö Church is a hidden architectural gem that dates back to the 18th century. Its wooden structure and traditional Finnish design make it a fascinating sight to behold. Step inside to admire the intricate wooden carvings and beautiful stained glass windows. The church also hosts occasional concerts, adding a touch of music to your visit.

4. Jyväsjärvi Lake

Located just a short drive from Kyrö, Jyväsjärvi Lake offers a peaceful retreat for those seeking relaxation and outdoor activities. Take a boat ride on the serene waters, try your hand at fishing, or simply enjoy a picnic by the lakeside. The area surrounding the lake is also ideal for hiking, with numerous trails leading through pristine Finnish forests.

5. Kyröskoski Waterfall

A visit to Kyrö is not complete without witnessing the breathtaking Kyröskoski Waterfall. This impressive natural wonder cascades down a series of rocky cliffs, creating a mesmerizing sight and a soothing sound. Explore the surrounding area and find a spot to sit and enjoy the peacefulness of the waterfall.

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6. Kyrö Museum

To delve into the history and culture of Kyrö, a visit to the Kyrö Museum is a must. Housed in a charming old building, the museum showcases a variety of exhibits depicting the local way of life, traditional crafts, and historical artifacts. Gain insight into the town’s past and its evolution throughout the years.

7. Kyrönkankaan Arboretum

If you appreciate nature’s diversity, the Kyrönkankaan Arboretum is an enchanting place to explore. This botanical garden is home to a wide variety of trees, plants, and flowers from different parts of Finland. Take a leisurely stroll through the colorful gardens and enjoy the fragrant scents surrounding you.


While often overlooked, Kyrö, Finland, has a lot to offer for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure. From the Kyrö Distillery Company and the picturesque Kyrö River to architectural wonders like the Kyrö Church and breathtaking natural sites such as Jyväsjärvi Lake and Kyröskoski Waterfall, this hidden gem in Finland should not be missed. Immerse yourself in Finnish culture, explore the outdoors, and experience a different side of Finland in the charming town of Kyrö.

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