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Welcome to Bilbao, a lively and vibrant city located in the Basque Country of northern Spain. Renowned for its rich history, cultural heritage, and stunning architecture, Bilbao offers visitors a delightful mix of old-world charm and modern attractions.

1. Guggenheim Museum

No visit to Bilbao is complete without a trip to the iconic Guggenheim Museum. Designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry, this architectural masterpiece is a testament to contemporary art. Its unique titanium structure and striking design make it a must-visit for art enthusiasts and architecture lovers.

2. Casco Viejo (Old Town)

Step back in time and explore Bilbao’s historic heart, Casco Viejo. The winding streets of this charming neighborhood are lined with medieval buildings, lively squares, and traditional pintxos bars. Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, indulge in delicious tapas, and admire the well-preserved architecture.

3. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Discover a wealth of artistic treasures at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, located in the city center. This museum houses an impressive collection of Spanish and European art, spanning several centuries. From classical masterpieces to contemporary works, art lovers will be captivated by the diverse exhibits on display.

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4. Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

Escape the city’s hustle and bustle and head to the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, a natural paradise just outside Bilbao. This UNESCO-designated site boasts lush landscapes, picturesque villages, and diverse wildlife. Take a leisurely hike, enjoy birdwatching, or simply immerse yourself in the tranquility of this pristine nature reserve.

5. Vizcaya Bridge

Marvel at the engineering marvel of the Vizcaya Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This unique and historical structure, the world’s oldest transporter bridge, connects the towns of Portugalete and Las Arenas. Take a ride in the gondola and admire breathtaking views of the surrounding area from the top.

6. San Mamés Stadium

For sports enthusiasts, a visit to the San Mamés Stadium, home to Athletic Bilbao, is a must. Experience the electric atmosphere of a live football match or take a stadium tour to learn about the club’s history and see behind the scenes. The stadium’s unique architecture adds to the overall excitement of the experience.

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7. Plaza Nueva

Relax and soak in the atmosphere at Plaza Nueva, Bilbao’s main square. Surrounded by elegant neoclassical buildings, this bustling plaza is a hub of activity. Enjoy a coffee or a meal at one of the many cafes and restaurants, or browse the stalls of the weekly market, which offers a variety of local products.

8. Maritime Museum

Immerse yourself in Bilbao’s maritime history at the Maritime Museum. Located in the former Euskalduna shipyard, this museum showcases the city’s strong connection to the sea. Explore interactive exhibits, ancient vessels, and learn about Bilbao’s role as a thriving port city throughout history.


Bilbao is a city that beautifully blends tradition and modernity, offering a unique and unforgettable travel experience. From world-class museums to charming old town streets, this vibrant city has something to offer every visitor. So, pack your bags and embark on an adventure to Bilbao, Spain’s vibrant gem in the Basque Country.

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